Water quality profiling and monitoring

WES has played an integral part in many studies involving investigations into the environmental impact of human activity. A common requirement is to measure water quality parameters such as temperature, salinity and suspended sediment concentrations to assess the dispersion characteristics of the dredged material for example.

Monitoring dredging operations in Hong Kong harbour

Monitoring dredging operations in Hong Kong harbour    (click image to enlarge)
(Image courtesy of HR Wallingford Ltd)

Rapid Drop Profiler

Rapid Drop Profiler    (click image to enlarge)

The instrument illustrated above is a specially adapted Space Technology Systems (NBA) 'Rapid Drop Profiler'. Used in conjunction with our in-house software, it presents and logs real-time through-depth profiles of turbidity and CTD.

Its unique integral 3-channel 'CB' water sampling array also enables water samples to be collected at discreet levels for calibration purposes.