Foreshore recharge / coastal re-alignment monitoring

Realignment site at Orplands in Essex showing a man-made breach in the sea wall to allow tidal ingress.

Realignment site at Orplands in Essex    (click image to enlarge)

(Image courtesy of the Environment Agency)

We have considerable experience with the methodologies and equipment required to determine environmental baselines and post-scheme monitoring regimes for coastal realignment and foreshore recharge sites.

These may encompass any or all of the following disciplines:

  • topographic surveys

  • bathymetric surveys with optional acoustic bed classification

  • water quality measurements

  • river / sea bed sampling

  • hydrodynamic characteristics (current flows, sediment transport, waves, water levels)

  • monitoring of erosion / accretion rates of sediments

  • in-situ measurement of benthic respiration rates of bed sediments

  • plant, invertebrate, bird and fish surveys