Client list:

The Environment Agency


WS Atkins

HR Wallingford

Royal Haskoning


Harwich Haven Port Authority

Manchester Ship Canal Co.

Dumfries & Galloway CC

Port of London Authority

British Waterways

Volker Stevin Ltd

Cascade Consulting

Essex & Suffolk Water

DP Energy, Ireland

Reading Agricultural Consultants



Vail Williams


Project list (selection):

Year:             2012
Location:        Mostyn, North Wales
Description:    RCMVADCP measurements
Scope:           Moving vessel ADCP measurements over Mostyn Bank using a radio-controlled model boat to provide data for a numerical modelling study for a proposed harbour development.
Year:             2011-12
Location:        Beaco, East Timor
Description:    Metocean measurements
Scope:           Acting as Clients' Representative overseeing metocean measurements for a proposed LNG terminal.
Year:             2011
Location:        Wheatley, Oxfordshire
Description:    Topographic survey
Scope:           Cross-section measurements at a proposed urban development site to provide input data for a flood risk study.
Year:             2011
Location:        Bearwood Lakes, Berkshire
Description:    Topographic survey
Scope:           Reservoir dam crest and spillway survey for the purposes of assessing the impact of proposed increase in water extraction at Bearwood Lakes golf course.
Year:             2010-11
Location:        Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Description:    Wave and current measurements
Scope:           Long-term deployment of ADCP in the Outer Harbour as part of a study into the re-engineering of the harbour entrance.
Year:             2010
Location:        Bradwell, Blackwater Estuary, Essex
Description:    Bathymetric survey
Scope:           Survey around the Bradwell Power Station cooling water intake/outfall baffle structure.
Year:             2010
Location:        Stranraer Marina, Scotland
Description:    Wave and wind measurements
Scope:           Long-term wave measurements correlated with local wind conditions and the movement of vessels at the marina berths.
Year:             2010
Location:        Wallingford, Oxon
Description:    Topographic survey
Scope:           Elevation survey for a proposed new pig slurry lagoon.
Year:             2010
Location:        Darwin, Australia
Description:    Laboratory analyses of core samples
Scope:           Disaggregation and abrasion testing as part of a study into the environmental impact of dredging activities associated with the development of new berthing facilities.
Year:             2009
Location:        Limehouse Reach, R Thames
Description:    Wave measurements
Scope:           Monitoring the effects of vessel wash over the drying banks as part of an environmental impact study on behalf of HR Wallingford.
Year:             2009
Location:        Maldon, Essex
Description:    Bathymetric survey
Scope:           Annual survey of river channel cross-sections at selected locations in the approach channel.
Year:             2009
Location:        Shotley and Trimley Marshes, R Orwell, Essex
Description:    Topographic surveys of inter-tidal foreshores
Scope:           Part of an ongoing study into the beneficial use of dredged materials.
Year:             2009
Location:        Solway Firth, Scotland
Description:    ADCP hire and data processing
Scope:           Provision of an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) to measure currents as part of a wind energy resource assessment study. Also on-site training and data processing.
Year:             2009
Location:        Eastern English Channel
Description:    Bed sample analyses
Scope:           Determination of particle size distributions (PSDs)
Year:             2009
Location:        Portbury (UK); W Australia
Description:    Bed sample analyses and tests
Scope:           Determination of PSDs and implementation of cutter suction dredging tests.
Year:             2009
Location:        Maasvlakte, Port of Rotterdam
Description:    Particle size distribution (PSD) analyses in WES laboratory facility
Scope:           Particle size distribution (PSD) analyses of mobile bed material for calibration of a physical model.
Year:             2008
Location:        Eastern English Channel
Description:    Water quality profiling
Scope:           Profiles of salinity, temperature and suspended sediment during dredger operations for an environmental impact study.
Year:             2008
Location:        Islay, SW Scotland
Description:    ADCP measurements
Scope:           Static and dynamic ADCP measurements as part of a Marine Resource Assessment study.
Year:             2008
Location:        R Teifi at Cardigan, Wales
Description:    Current measurements
Scope:           Float tracking survey to establish the current flow regime in the approach channel as part of a siltation study.
Year:             2008
Location:        R Lee, Tottenham
Description:    In-situ benthic respiration measurements (BOD)
Scope:           Part of the Olympic Games 2012 development scheme.
Year:             2008
Location:        Anchorsholme, Blackpool
Description:    Wave measurements
Scope:           Wave overtopping monitoring and current measurements using ADCPs as part of a coastal protection research study.
Year:             2007
Location:        Frodsham Marsh, Warrington
Description:    Water quality measurements
Scope:           Deployment of water quality and meteorological sensors at Frodsham Marsh as part of an investigation into compliance with EA discharge consent criteria.
Year:             2007
Location:        Uxbridge
Description:    Bathymetric survey
Scope:           Bathymetric survey of Farlows Lake as baseline data for proposed development works.
Year:             2007
Location:        Tate & Lyle Jetty, R Thames, London
Description:    Through-depth water quality profiling
Scope:           Profiles of salinity, temperature and suspended sediment during dredger operations for the validation and calibration of the “Sediview” ADCP system for evaluating the movement of suspended sediment in estuaries.
Year:             2006
Location:        Carlyon Bay, Cornwall
Description:    Bathymetric & grab sampling surveys with seabed classification
Scope:           Bathymetric survey and comprehensive seabed sampling survey to enable acoustic seabed classification using the ‘RoxAnn’ system.
Year:             2006
Location:        Didcot, Oxon
Description:    Channel survey
Scope:           Extensive topographic channel survey of watercourses through the Didcot catchment area as base data for a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) study.
Year:             2006
Location:        Milford Haven, SW Wales
Description:    Ship wash measurements
Scope:           Long-term monitoring of waves and currents using ADCPs to quantify ship wash waves within the harbour approaches.