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Client's Representative - East Timor

Throughout much of 2011-12 WES acted as Client's Representative on behalf HR Wallingford Ltd in connection with a proposed LNG terminal at Beaco, East Timor (Timor Leste). The role involved overseeing a long-term metocean study at the site which was commissioned to assist with establishing the optimum design criteria for the terminal with regard to prevailing local conditions. It is hoped that further work of this nature will be forthcoming later in 2012.

Radio-controlled Moving Vessel ADCP Measurements - Mostyn Bank, N Wales
ARC boat

In April 2012, WES assisted HR Wallingford Ltd in trialing a novel use of a system originally developed to measure river flow discharge using an ADCP mounted on a radio-controlled model boat. For this particular application, the latter was commanded via bluetooth communication from an attendant inflatable boat. This enabled through-tide transects of current speed and direction profiles to be successfully measured over the rapidly drying sand banks to the North of Mostyn Port.

'Sediview' - a software tool under development for measuring suspended sediment concentrations using an ADCP
Sediview screenshot

WES continue to support HR Wallingford Ltd with their ongoing development programme for the 'Sediview' system - a software package that aims to more readily quantify suspended sediment concentrations throughout the water column using the acoustic backscatter of an ADCP. The work involves carrying out CTD & turbidity profiles and water sampling concurrently with the ADCP measurements in order to calibrate the system.