Long term measurements

WES has the expertise and equipment to undertake long-term measurements of many different parameters including:

  • wave measurement with spectral analysis

  • through-depth current speed and direction

  • water levels

  • bed levels

  • turbidity and other water quality aspects

Here is a typical configuration utilising an ADCP and other sensors deployed in a customised seabed frame.

Long-term monitoring instrumentation in deployment frame    (click on image to enlarge)

The picture inset above shows an acoustic doppler device (ADCP) for the measurement of directional waves and through-depth current speed and direction ready for deployment.

Also included in the image is an independent logger with a 3-channel infra-red suspended solids sensor array for monitoring near-bed sediment transport and a pressure sensor for recording water levels.

The instruments may be configured to either record to their high-capacity internal solid-state loggers or interfaced with an acoustic modem and/or data buoy link to a shore-based PC for online applications.