Current measurements

We can undertake either short term current measurements such as with a moving vessel ADCP (MVADCP) system or simple anchored vessel measurements in estuarine waters for example.

Moving vessel ADCP measurements (MVADCP)

Anchored vessel measurements

Valeport Model 105 DRCM    (click image to enlarge)

The instrument illustrated above is a 'Valeport Model 105'. This industry standard direct reading current meter (DRCM) may be used either from a vessel at anchor or deployed automously in a sub-surface mooring.

Long term measurements

Longer term deployments of autonomous seabed/surface-mounted instruments are also often undertaken.

A typical configuration for long term current measurements utilises an ADCP deployed in a custom-made seabed frame.

ADCP in custom seabed frame    (click image to enlarge)

Alternatively, if only single-point measurements are required, an electromagnetic current meter (EMCM) as depicted below may be deployed either in a seabed frame or in-line mooring.

InterOcean 'S4' electromagnetic current meter (EMCM)    (click image to enlarge)