Core Services  (onshore)

In addition to our considerable experience working within the nearshore coastal zone, we have also been involved in many projects requiring the monitoring of the following physical processes relating to the onshore aquatic environment:

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Foreshore recharge / coastal realignment monitoring

Topographic surveying of beaches and flood plains

Scour monitoring around underwater structures

Outfall dispersion or seepage using dye tracing techniques

River bed / suspended sediment sampling

Meteorological measurements

Beach erosion / deposition

Water quality monitoring

Water level recording

Reservoir surveys

Examples of typical types of studies we have been involved with relating to the onshore environment:

Coastal re-alignment schemes such as the managed retreat site at Orplands, Essex pictured below showing the man-made breach in the sea wall.

Managed retreat site at Orplands, Essex (Image courtesy of the Environment Agency)

Topographic surveying of flood plains for strategic flood risk assessment studies (SFRAs).

Topographic surveying of flood plains