Core Services  (nearshore)

Long term measurements (e.g. waves, currents, CTD)

Benthic respiration measurements of bed sediments

Outfall thermal dispersion / dye tracing studies

Water quality profiling and monitoring

Acoustic seabed classification

Underwater video photography

Sea bed / water sampling

Current measurements

Bathymetric surveys

Tide recording

Bathymetric surveys

WES can undertake conventional bathymetric surveys within the coastal zone, estuaries or inland waterways and has the expertise, equipment and software to enable high quality 2D or 3D contour charts to be created.

Inset below is our purpose-built 7m GRP survey launch ‘New Venture’ which is fully road-transportable and is based around the extremely robust and well proven ‘Cheverton’ workboat. This, combined with it's powerful twin outboard motors and forward cabin, makes for a very versatile and surprisingly spacious working platform.

WES survey launch 'new Venture'   (click image for details)

Alternatively, our 5m 'Zodiac' inflatable may be utilised for more sheltered waters.

Zodiac inflatable   (click image to enlarge)