About us

Wallingford Environmental Surveys Ltd came into being as a consequence from the dissolution of the Field Services Unit of *HR Wallingford Ltd in 2005. We are based in the UK at Wallingford in Oxfordshire and though completely independent, continue to enjoy a unique liaison with our former employer. As a consequence we have unrivalled access to many recognised experts in the field of maritime civil engineering hydraulics and resource management relating to the aquatic environment.

We are able to draw upon over 30 years of practical experience operating within the world of coastal hydrography and environment-related aquatic studies with much of our more unique expertise having been acquired while working on pioneering strategic research programmes throughout the UK.

In addition we have gained considerable overseas experience through participation in a wide variety of aid, research and other projects undertaken in remote locations in developing countries.

Apart from these attributes we also possess much of the specialised equipment and instrumentation necessary to carry out our work. This helps us to keep costs to a minimum thereby enabling us to offer good value for money to our clients.

*HR Wallingford Ltd is a leading independent company with over 60 years experience in consultancy and research providing advice and support in engineering and environmental hydraulics, and the management of water and the water environment.

    Overtopping at Lyme Regis
    (Image courtesy of HR Wallingford Ltd)