'Monitoring the aquatic environment
for a more sustainable world'

We live in times of great change. In particular, studies relating to the processes driving global climate have led many scientists to believe that human activity is having an adverse effect on its stability and is contributing to the changes we see in the patterns of extreme weather-related events around the world.

This has focussed attention on the need to take steps to mitigate the impact of such phenomena going forward. With human population and activity set to spiral upwards for the foreseeable future, there will inevitably be an increasing demand for the sound management of water resources and the environment generally.

In order to achieve this, it is crucial to obtain good quality data to provide a clear understanding of the mechanisms involved. Only then will planners be able to make informed decisions about the best way forward. WES are committed to playing its part in this process.

Our aim is to offer the water industry and related bodies a unique, flexible and competitive environmental data collection service delivered with professionalism and integrity.

    Stormy seas over Hartlepool breakwater
    (Image courtesy of HR Wallingford Ltd)